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Floating hide photography - not ready yet!

Main topic: Wetland birds: terns, waders, ruff, grebes etc.

Photo season: May-June, date to suit

Price: ask

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Floating hide

Floating hide gives us completely new possibilities in bird photography. We are not tied up in one place (as in the case of stationary hides) but we can move. It is really beneficial – we can slowly follow our photo subjects and we can search for unusual points of view. The perspective is also very attractive – the lens can be placed several cm above the water surface.
However, the photo session is demanding and can be tiring (especially in shallow water) as the interior of the hide is not spacious and besides we have to move with it. We walk on the bottom and push the platform, where the photo camera and lens is attached. 80-100 cm is the optimum water depth but you can manage even with 20 cm.

Species: Common Tern, Little Tern, Whiskerde Tern, Black Tern, Black-headed Gull, Little ringed Plover, Sandpipers, Dunlin, Great crested Grebe; also possible: phalaropes, Caspian Tern and others

Place: water bodies of Podlasie (NE Poland)

Guide: Marek Kosinski

Date: June

Number of participants: 1-3

Price: ask
- guiding
- floating hide usage
- local transport

Recommended additional eqiupment:

- right angle finder
- chest waders
- suitable underwear
- several pairs of socks
- spare set of clothes