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Phototour and photohides

Main topics: European Bison, pygmy owl, lesser spotted eagle, woodpeckers, crane, flycatchers, etc.

Photo season: May, June

Date: to suit

Price: ask
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Area: Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Bialowieza National Park, NE Poland

Bialowieza Forest is the last stronghold of primeval temperate forest in Europe. Large fragments consist of very old trees, lots of fallen trunks, covered with fungi and mosses. The forest is rich in wildlife including big predators such as lynx and wolf. European bison is the emblem of the area – the species which became extinct in the wild and was restored from the individuals kept in captivity with the help of scientists and conservationists. Old trees are a good habitat for hole-dwelling bird species, e.g. woodpeckers (three-toed, white-backed) and flycatchers, there are also interesting owl species here, such as: pygmy owl, tengmalm’s owl and eagle owl.

Number of participants: 2-8

Suggested itinerary:

1st day – arrival, transfer from Warsaw airport to Bialowieza (230 km, ca. 4h driving)

2nd-5th day – 4 full days of nature photography in the Bialowieza Forest area

possible subjects:
- pygmy owl
- lesser spotted eagle, cranes (hide)
- small forest birds at feeder and drinking pool (hide)
- woodpeckers at nesting holes
- flycatchers at nesting holes
- european bison, wild boar, red deer, roe deer (also from the hide)
- badger at sett
- red fox at den
and others

last day – departure and transfer to Warsaw airport

Accommodation: B&B in Bialowieza

Necessary additional equipment: good hiking or rubber boots, possibly waders or chest waders for frog photos, mosquito repelent

Price: ca. 140 Euro/person/day (min 3 people and 5 days)